Dallas Love Field (DAL)

Address: 8008 Cedar Springs Rd
Phone: (214) 670-6073
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 171332


  • Colin Burns

    You're doing the tip - flying SWA.
  • Katie Adams

    Always fly Southwest. Southwest is the best!
  • Bill B.

    Close to town and easy to get to and from when you 'Wanna get away'
  • AT&T

    While youre waiting for your flight, you can stay connected with AT&T Wi-Fi. Its easy to connect and free for AT&T customers w/ certain smartphone or home broadband plans.
  • Tim L.

    The Cowboys are a terrible team.
  • Rafael C

    Cell phone waiting area on the right side of arrivals
  • The Most Interesting Man in the World

    Why is it called Love Field? Thats between me and 3 Pan Am flight attendants.
  • Perry Ellis

    Business or Leisure Travel? Perry Ellis has you covered with stylish suits & dress shirts that travel well. Sport our comfortable, casual looks when you unwind. Work or play, travel with Perry Ellis!
  • Presidential Libraries

    Following John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas, Vice-President Lyndon Johnson was sworn-in aboard Air Force One on November 22, 1963.
  • Patrick Cunningham

    Don't tap your foot in the mens bathroom
  • Bryan G ????????????????

    You can travel the world, but nothing is nicer than hearing, "Welcome to Dallas Love Field!" Fact! :D
  • Sana M.

    Southwest Airlines is amazing! Hands down the best customer service!
  • James P

    No free WIFI!!
  • Joe Gillespie

    New Love is the best small airport in the country... One upping Houston's Hobby
  • Paul Tuennerman

    The Flights to NOLA have the oddest selection of Characters on them; damn I love this City!
  • Christine Hanna

    The new terminal is gorgeous. Tons of excellent food choices - real restaurants, not just fast food takeout.
  • HJ Sylvester

    Really liking the new look. They have a Stephan Pyles restaurant, Cru wine bar, Cool River...and tons of other shops all at Terminal 1. I forgot I was at Love Field for a second...
  • Mark Wegener

    Love Field > DFW
  • Chris Trew

    My wife left me for my cousin at Gate 12. :(
  • sam leyendecker

    If you're hungry, I suggest bringing you're own food.
  • Brandon Horton

    Stay Thirsty My Friends
  • Aimee Ness

    Staff here are super nice! :)
  • Jorge E

    On Friday, November 22, 1963, at 11:40 am CST, Kennedy, his wife Jacqueline, and the rest of the presidential entourage arrived at Love Field in Dallas, Texas, aboard Air Force One.
  • Lovell Public Relations

    We love having Love Field in the heart of this great city. Such history. Southwest Airlines still it all going on!
  • Debra Welch

    Park at the Parking Spot , covered parking 7.25 a day. They drive you right to the terminal fast! Garage parking is $10-$14 a day and you have to drag your luggage the size of 2-4 football fields!
  • Clay Chastain

    At least it's not DFW.
  • Chris Baccus

    Next time (unless you knew better before checking in) stop and get coffee as the coffee here stinks
  • Jennifer Mitchell

    Find a comfy chair with USB and 2 pronged outlets so you can charge your phone/laptop while watching TV and waiting for your boarding call. Great multi-tasking station.
  • Craig Ball

    Baskin Robbins ice cream opposite gate 8. Life is short: Never miss an opportunity for a scoop of Pralines & Cream.
  • Ben Mattson

    This new terminal is amazing. Take a minute to appreciate the flight sculpture in the middle of the hub.
  • Michael McCann

    The new terminal is awesome!
  • Bryan G ????????????????

  • Keshia Z

    Campisis is going to be the best plae to grab a bite to eat.
  • Nan

    Return rental car signage is an afterthought. I've seen bigger for yard sales.
  • Jacqueline Padilla

    Love the New Love Field they even gave CRU!!! Almost all restaurants are open even Cool River right now! ? Southwest Quick and Easy lots if places to eat
  • Kristy Nolan

    New concourse has real food, updated restrooms, and lots of space!
  • Kevin Clevenger

    Shamu was in dallas
  • Jeff Carper

    Love Field - It is easy to get through and Southwest can get you where you are going.
  • Brian K

    Much better flying experience than DFW & much closer to town! Hardly ever a wait at security. ?
  • Jeff Strater

    Enjoy your trip. If your flight is delayed, get a shoe shine.
  • Lawanda Riojas

    They have remodeled it is really nice.
  • Adrian Parker

    Grab a slice at Campisi's by gate 3. Quick service + good food.
  • ha3rvey

    Here's a tip, n00bs: don't leave your empty security buckets on the belt after you get your stuff, ya lazy soandsos.
  • Katie Carrothers

    Absolutely gorgeous airport and beautiful terminal. Great work Southwest.
  • Almost Veggies

    Check out almostveggiehouston.com for the best places to eat in Houston & Dallas! Hurry. Up.
  • J D

    As someone else mentioned; take escalator to exit and you can go in through security much quicker
  • Matthew T Rader

    Watch out for all the freakin construction.
  • Jeff Willinger

    Seriously 10 minutes from downtown. I LOVE Love. Free wifi. Track down @jwillie and talk social business.
  • Jared Sorrell

    Great little hub for Southwest, I definitely prefer it over DFW
  • Lulu McAllister

    DAL, time to install more stalls in the women's bathrooms. I haven't had to wait in line for an airport restroom in years...
  • Blake Farenthold

    Carry your bags back. Continental Express/Delta baggage takes forever. Bag claim is a dump in the middle of nowhere with no chairs.
  • Bradley Duke

    See if you can find the taxi queue. Hint: It holds about 200 vehicles
  • Leigh Ann Runyan

    The new gates are incredible!! They did an awesome job on this airport. Makes me want to fly Southwest more.....
  • Ernesto Young

    If you've got time and if it's not busy there, order your pizza freshly made at Campisi's. It's a guaranteed experience.
  • Clayton Proctor

    The only city in tx i would avoid, DALLAS you suck....
  • Allen Branch

    Quit using Splenda in your coffee.
  • Mary Fairclough

    There is NO Starbucks!!
  • Ashley A.

    There is not a Starbucks (fail), and the food options are very lame. The beer carts in the evenings are a nice touch, though!
  • Charles Harris III

    Phone chargers and USB ports on the seats. Thats whats up!
  • Stephanie Elsea

    Airports are stressful! Would you know what to do if an adult suddenly collapsed? Dial 911 and push hard and fast in the center of the chest. Visit www.handsonlycpr.com to learn more.
  • Rebecca Crespo Mabrouk

    Love U SWA!
  • Tracey A.

    Print your tickets prior to arriving to the airport & check your bags at curbside.
  • Matthew T Rader

    Watch airplanes fly off into the sunset.
  • Bing

    The Lonestar State has tons of 4-star worthy options for your Dallas stay. Narrow your search with Bing Local: http://binged.it/yZy59Z
  • Jerry Aucoin

    Everything's bigger in Texas... Except the stalls in the Men's room. Tight squeeze.
  • Aaron Nordyke

    Get a book at Hudson Booksellers. Maybe learn to read first.
  • Secherre Carothers

    Easiest place to fly in and out of. Who comes to an airport to eat anyway?
  • Kristen Francis

    EarlyBird Check-In is only $10 each way and well worth it! Check it out on your next flight.
  • M. Not

    Gate raped by tsa security. Love it
  • Debbie Saviano

    #Southwest walks the Talk of Customer Service!
  • Julie Ranken

    Bags fly free with SWA. We save $240 round trip!
  • Roberta Menezes Caldas

    Beautifull and clean airport!
  • Craig Legault

    Love Field is great but can already see the increased amount of foot traffic in anticipation of the wright amendment being lifted. Need to open up another Starbucks!
  • Jayson Cooper

    You can use your boarding pass to get to the food court in terminal 2 even if you are flying out of terminal 1.
  • George Mydell

    I have to amend my tip, there's a area inside the airport to park for free until your party arrives. It's inside the airport to the right, you'll see the signs.
  • Austin Martinson

    Seriously South west is so affordable and this airport is quick and easy
  • Crystal Gaitan

    Good Guy Whataburger! Charges the same in the airport as it does in the city!!
  • RexAnn Shotwell

    Le Madeleine is here
  • Erica Chang

    Fly SWA!!! But if hungry eat before! Unless you want to pay double for McDonalds! (They don't have the dollar menu!)
  • Rich Macy-Simpson

    Yes, Love Field has Starbucks! A bunch of previous tips mentioned the lack of Starbucks here, but that situation has been corrected.
  • Lauren P.

    Possibly the only airport to share a name with an (otherwise unrelated) Elvis Costello song. So there's that.
  • Erik Pavia

    If you're sweating in the Southwest Airlines terminal, head to gates 11-15. The air conditioning is much better at the end of the terminal.
  • Abby Allison

    If you want sunflower seeds Buy them before you get here!
  • Charles Brent

    Ordering skillet queso at the bar, they give you a ton of chips.
  • Marques Robinson

    Food Options suck.
  • Bob Palacios

    Security is one of the tightest in the nation here.
  • Mick Prendergast

    You know that boarding pass you've been handling...and hand to attendant to verify yourself...yeah, its got your DNA all over it!
  • Amy Fulford

    Turn phone off!
  • Sally Harbeson (Bowling)

    Someone left a tip about expired A-List cards not getting date checked for Fly By Lane- actually they do check the majority of the time when I've been there.
  • Rebecca Negron

    You can feel feel the holiday spirit, the employees at DAL are so friendly and helpful. Especially at checkpoint.
  • Jasmine Jackson

    I love Southwest! !
  • Alyssa

    The renovations mean that there are MUCH better food choices now!
  • Claudia Avila

    The wifi here is trash!
  • Richard D

    The taxis are no longer upstairs by baggage claim - must go downstairs and up the ramp
  • Jayne

    The changes look amazing. Great job!
  • Brittney

    Do not for the love of god run up the down escalator.
  • john bily

    Easiest and least stressful airport by far
  • Karina Alderete

    No free Wi-Fi. 1 hour AT&T access is $5.99.
  • Way Out West Austin

    Get a drink at the bar & carry it to your gate!
  • UpShift Digital

    Of all the complaining I do about AA all I have to do I fly southwest once and realize I love AA.
  • Crowne Plaza Dallas Market Center

    When flying into Love Field Airport and staying in Dallas Choose the Crowne Plaza Dallas Market Center for your hotel of choice!
  • Chris L.

    If you have an expired A-List card, don't toss it out! You can still use it to get in the flyby lanes. They don't look @ the date.
  • Adam preston

    Not feeling the love
  • Barbara

    I like how they have cup holders and outlet near the seats.
  • Jasmine Jackson

    Southwest 4 Life!!
  • Bryans Svc

    When you are going or leaving Dallas Love and need car service call Tommy 214-404-5039 you can pay with your UBER APP.
  • Jayson Cooper

    West checkpoint is gone. If flying out of terminal 1 (Delta, United, Continental, and Sea Port) keep in mind there is only one concession stand with like $8 hot dogs.
  • George Mydell

    If your picking up somebody, it's best to wait outside of the airport until they come outside. If you pull up to the curb and wait the cops we'll make you move.
  • John Paul Henderson

    Silver Car is a rental car service with a fleet of Audi A4s that will pick you up and drop you off. Can't do better.
  • Heather Ysseldyke

    Very clean neat airport !
  • Colin T

    Fantastic airport, who needs DFW?
  • Christine

    Love this airport!
  • Sammy Aguilar

    The most cleanest nice airport I have ever been to!!! Wow!!!
  • Scott Evans

    Because I'm so sophisticated, I really appreciate the upscale new terminal...it's fancy as crap!
  • LaShawn Douglas

    This is a very nice airport! Great option to fly into Dallas.
  • Roanna Flowers

    Love Field got fancy. Nice digs. Small, easy to navigate. Also Baskin Robbins.
  • Sheila Abbott

    Nice facility! Curb-side check-in has been moved around the corner from where it was.
  • TheArtofBeer

    Wow! They did a great job on the remodel. Good food options past security.
  • Latrell Castanon

    The new terminal is great! :)
  • Kenneth Henseler

    After security check, Dunkin Donuts is straight ahead and Starbucks is to the right toward Gates 1-10!
  • Ray Vanlanot

    Eat before you get here. This place sucks. DFW is the tits.
  • Ray Vanlanot

    Never, ever rent from Advantage. They don't answer your phone calls and don't inform you that they DON'T have a shuttle. Use Hertz.
  • #Rez

    Dallas Love Field: Where the magic happens.
  • Lc Graves

    #DAL has grown
  • Barbara Cockfield

    New terminal is great! Check-in and security were a breeze compared to other airports. The gates have comfortable seating, outlets, USB and wireless!!!!!
  • AJ Parker

    I love this little airport. Whataburger and Cantina margs? Sign me up.
  • Tim Phillippe

    Two dunkin donuts with 100 yards of eachother. #America
  • Douglas Hall

    The goodie bag is a lie... :/
  • HJ Sylvester

    They now have valet parking right outside the ticketing counter!
  • Justin Hogue

    Awesome new renovations....great shopping and eateries! First class...
  • Oisin Diarmada

    Great new terminal!
  • Jeff Hazelrigs

    Dallas Love Field. Where the rules are made up and the points don't matter.
  • Luke Tenley

    Cant wait for the new terminal to open!
  • Dino Lendrihas

    Read up on how to airport security works before you decide to take 40 minutes to pass the security gate
  • Ian G.

    The Parent Escort Ticket program is worth every cent if your child is flying alone.
  • Andre

    There is free wifi. Select 'dalsurf' and you are good.
  • Jorge Arenivar

    My favorite airport since a child! Just is...
  • Stuart Brown

    The bathrooms here are worse than a cheap gas station. Hold it for the plane.
  • Estelle Stewart

    Pre print your boarding pass
  • Zach West

    Its actually called LUV field and the airport abbreviation is (LUV), not (DAL)
  • L. Taylor Nixon

    SWA is the only way to go; arrive 20 minutes before departure - a minute before just leaves you to twiddle your thumbs and leave Tips on Foursquare!
  • Elyse Mofo Anders

    Named one of the top 50 airports in Dallas! Go here to catch a plane or land!
  • Nick Spannaus

    Love Field lives up to its name. Any employee will dispense one free kiss upon request.
  • Keith C

    The entire airport is Pepsi. No Coke, no Dr. Pepper, no Sprite. Dumb- What happened to giving customers what get want?
  • Axe Sladen

    ...Cowboys a terrible team? Your Mom is a great tag-teamer.
  • JC

    Southwest is the place to fly!
  • Douglas Garner

    Look for the inlaid map of the US under your feet at the security waiting line main terminal area. Philadelphia is misspelled.
  • Allison Buchanan

    Just an FYI that Delta does in fact fly out of this airport. My can driver INSISTED that only Southwest did and i almost ended up at DFW. However, Delta has one gate .... 31 in terminal 1.
  • Ed Olvera

    If your overweight be prepared for SWA to walk you on the plane to see if you fit in one chair.
  • Charles Boltas

    Aim for the cake! Watch for splash backs.
  • Beth von Behren

    No Dr Pepper, which is weird for Texas, but best bathrooms and only 10 gates.
  • Rusty Truelock

    The new wing and terminals is looking awesome!
  • Elisa

    Dallas Love Field smells like farts.
  • Don No

    West Concourse security chk point near baggage claim/rental car area- go up escalator-this chk point is so much shorter and quick!

    Arrive at least 1 hr early or get slowed down by security check in!
  • Erik Reeves

    Do not bring liquid drinks at security gate! Ex. Bottled water is a no no!
  • Brandi S.

    Eat before you get to lovefield. They are limited on choices and even mcdonalds is overpriced.
  • Jon Gwynn

    The skybridge from the garage is permanently closed, but the security lines there are still open. If you can find your way up there, there is absolutely no line at security
  • Diego Rincn

    If you park in garage B there are moving walkways on the 3rd floor that will take you to Terminals 1 and 2
  • Mike Subin

    Chili's Too. Just ok
  • Erik Clausen

    Only one security entrance, though they get you through quickly.
  • Brendan Wilson

    If you want food, build a time machine, go back in time, and tell yourself to get something before you get here. There's nothing worth spending money on at DAL.
  • Marland May

    The cinnabon next to gate 8 is a little dry
  • Paul Tuennerman

    Drive to DFW and take a @DeltaAirlines Flight, @SouthwestAir is never on time!
  • Daniel Wagner

    The mcdonalds tends to be sold out of random things. Large cups, ranch, ect
  • Jeff

    Don't plan on getting much cellular service here... It's a scam to make you purchase wifi after a 30min free trial! What a joke! Come on Love, show us some love and drop the pay for service wifi!
  • CharChar Elder

    They usually have lots to do to kill time
  • eyezayuh

    Don't fly southwest!!!
  • Bethie-Beth

    Don't LOVE #Southwest Airlines but do LOVE Love Field
  • Andy Feenstra

    Cool River has ice cold Sam Adams.
  • Jun D

    Bad experience for a first timer is the crazy arrival/departure area where all cars are!! Cars stopping in all lanes picking up or dropping passengers! Each to his own, nobody directing the traffic!
  • Jelena Boldt

    Love this airport, such a great job with update. SW is quickly becoming our airline of choice!
  • Craig Legault

    Priority line..as I said before, love field is getting too big for it's britches.
  • Scott Stead

    Chargers are everywhere. No need to bring your, "where will I charge my phone" anxiety to this airport
  • Brent Ward

    Power outlets are few and far between.
  • Atul Jain

    Do not fly out of here at 6 AM. Security is crazy long and takes forever to get through!
  • Lauren Smith

    Open more security lanes Southwest! A hundred people in line and only two security lanes for regular security. Precheck has twenty people in line and two security lanes.
  • Karen Palacios

    Really small... They definitely need more than two luggage belts at pickup
  • Vishwa Karthik

    If you're in Gates 42-44, it's still the old terminal
  • Jim Bear

    that has to be one of the shortest bumpiest landings i've ever experienced. Could use a new paving on the runway. "Santino, your design is flawed, it is unwearable and confusing. You are IN!"
  • Cari Mallory

    If you decide to dine here, go to Cantina Laredo ONLY! You won't regret it!
  • Sandee Starks

    The new terminals and food choices are great!
  • Osasu Styles

    If your not flying Delta, your not really flying.
  • Colin T

    Beautiful airport, makes DFW look like a dump
  • Eubank Staging

    Multimillion dollar renovation . Beautiful art installations. So why did they overlook installing electrical outlets by the seating areas in baggage claim? The outlets are behind the carts? Oversight!
  • Sabrina Edge

    Wow has love field changed in the last year
  • Judy Musa

    Cru food & wine bar .
  • Debbie Saviano

    If You have not seen the beautiful new Design of Love Field So
  • Danny Burks

    My first time in new terminal. Gorgeous.
  • Lauren

    Security doesn't open until 5AM so don't arrive too early!
  • Lauren

    On big holidays make sure to make a reservation at Parking Spot otherwise you're stuck parking in the garages at $10 or $14 per day.
  • Nikki Jo-Mo

    No way this is better than Hobby. Security sucks.
  • KaRonda Mattear

    Love Dallas!!!
  • Coach Korn

    You gotta get one of Jacks Bloody Mary drinks at the bar in the middle of the terminal. That was a refreshing... And probably one of the best drinks I have had
  • Susan Summers

    Love love the new SW terminal at Love! Eat at Laredo Cantina - salsa is delish!
  • Henry Halff

    Long lines at security.
  • Scott Evans

    This new terminal is fancy as crap!
  • Cynthia Alexander

    Lots of new food choices. Barbecue let Madeline. Great food
  • Kevin Duncan

    Contrary to the popular tip on Foursquare, there is a Starbucks in the terminal area.
  • Mark MacDonald

    Wow. Delta terminal is small. Quick security and a news stand. Small food counter. Don't come hungry.
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