Galleria Dallas

Address: 13350 Dallas Pkwy
Phone: (972) 702-7100
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Category: Mall
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  • Sony

    Looking for something Smurf-tacular to do this Sat 7/20? Bring your kids to Smurfs Village at the Sony Store! Enjoy games, giveaways and meet your favorite Smurfs! 10am-4pm. See link for details.
  • Sony

    Hey Cowboys fans! Meet Cowboys Cornerback Brandon Carr tomorrow Oct 15th at the Sony Store 5:30-7:30pm + enter to win a $300 Sony gift card! For more info or to RSVP:
  • Bing

    Get your shop on, then get your skate on at the Galleria Ice Skating Center. Find it here:

    Must go ice skating.
  • Missile Moody

    super sweet mall...the only thing missing is a movie theater.
  • Dora

    Beat the Texas heat and cool down at the Gallerias ice skating rink, or let the kids go bananas in the malls jungle-themed play space on the third level near Saks. Powered by
  • Carece Slaughter

    The ice skating rink at Christmas time is a fantastic family activity!
  • Sony Mobile WTA

    Take your time and a valid credit card and go shopping! What are you still doing online?
  • Sean Murphy

    If you use the red garage parking... you can go up to the 4th level and there is an access into the mall. Also to Tower 2 if you need to go there. You will be on the top floor of the mall by the food
  • 24 Hour Fitness

    Ice skating in Dallas! A great way to beat the heat and burn some calories!
  • Terry Breedlove

    North parking lot is full use Macys or south garage
  • Khatija Al-hashimi

    Houston galleria is a thousand times better!!
  • Tarrah Easley

    Always park by Banana much easier, to get in and out
  • Chris Reeves

    Valet your car, don't even think about it. Just do it. Completely worth avoiding the headache.
  • Hannah Allen

    For a really yummy dinner or lunch, check out the grill on the alley. Awesome food and service!
  • Transitions lenses

    Ideal for people (and the occasional celebrity!) watching, the Galleria even has an indoor ice-skating rink. Keep your eyes open for Dorothy Hamill! #seemoresights
  • Lovell Public Relations

    Great ice skating...even when its triple digits in Dallas. Great shopping. Beautiful mall. Dallas shopping icon.
  • Kurt von Schleicher

    Needs a major redesign, but love to get a coffee n some exercise as she shops. If she takes long, the Brookstone store has a massage chair for relaxing.
  • Mark Jackson

    Wear comfy shoes.
  • Sony

    The Sony Store will be opening 12am on 11/15 for the PS4 release! If you pre-ordered in store, pick it up. Missed out on pre-ordering? Get there early! There will be limited PS4 bundles for purchase!
  • Ryan Simpson

    This mall sucks. Go to Northpark
  • Tara Bailey

    Eat at five guys it's the best.
  • Bradley Bowen

    Many of the stores are black holes for cell service, especially AT&T
  • Wes Bevels

    Sony Store is awesome store to go in Galleria in Dallas
  • Saamer Mansoor

    The number of seats are very few outside shops, if your waiting for wife, be ready to be tired!! :(
  • Mohammed Amous

    I just love it ! there is an ice cream store on level 1 floor ! OMG
  • Chad Risby

    Great mall nice n relaxing shopping nice shops n 5 Guys Burgers n Fries are tha bees knees. .
  • Jaime Del Castillo

    The Grill, muy bueno!!
  • Jhannet Sanchez

    A fun place to go ice skating from beginners to advance. Their is also a jungle themed play are for families with kids.
  • Leonardo Muniz

    Feliz da. Saludos
  • Jasmine Jackson

    Tax free weekend.... packed
  • Elizabeth Mb
  • Jessica Ramirez

    Little Katana sushi is good!!
  • Maya Simmons

    It was good, the guy that helped us with the bag was super nice
  • Sylvia Nesmith

    Look no further. This mall has it all, including a skating rink.
  • Paul Przybylowicz

    There are white lines for parking for a reason. Apparently people in Dallas haven't figured that out.
  • Mariela Aguirre

    The ice at the rink was good! Yogurt shop was excellent as Berripop!
  • Transitions lenses

    Vote for Galleria Dallas as one of Dallas top landmarks & enter to win a trip to the Galapagos Islands! #seemoresights
  • Lyz

    Pretentious heaven with an ice arena in the middle.
  • TopGolf Bear

    Bears hate malls. Bad lighting and annoyingly slow walkers doesnt help its cause, but bears do love ice skating so we make do.
  • Susan Davis

    LOVE...LOVE....LOVE!!!!! The Tevana Shop is one of my favorites...
  • Keith Quigley

    Don't use the Yellow garage. It is corporate only and gated.
  • Diana Bottini

    Lindo lugar
  • Havier Ruiz

    The Macy's here has a great selection for guys and you can get further discounts if you tell them you found an item on the rack with so n so off.
  • Vino A.

    Cab stand right by the entrance is very helpful. Check the skating rink on the bottom floor.
  • Richard Sedlak

    Ice skating in a mall? Awesome!
  • Scott Shively

    That place is huuuuge but nice
  • Emmy Arredondo

    The best ??
  • Douglas Watson

    Not a bad place to work!
  • Sandeep Yellambhotla

    Lively place
  • Fox Chavolla

    Great mall
  • Stephani Reazor

    Very lovely mall, I don't think I make enough money to shop here, but a great place to window shop, get a latte and ice skate.
  • Hollis Thornton

    The best mall!!! Love shopping here while I'm in Dallas. All sorts of shops we don't have in my area.
  • Joshua Kelly

    Play area is a billion degrees
  • Brandon Acuff

    $12 to skate with
  • Stephani Reazor

    Wow! Shopping and ice skating.
  • Pilaipun Jitsongsuk

  • Bethanie Pratt

    Awesome sales!
  • Katie Griggs

    I absolutely died when I saw the Louis Vuitton store:-) great place to shop and play!
  • Leslie Gail

    Try Grand Lux Cafe for a yummy dinner if you don't want to leave the property!
  • Rich Kerr

    The rink is awesome.
  • Kelly Winget

    Just go to north park.
  • Annmarie Stubblefield

    It was good. Nice stores.
  • Steven Patterson

    Great mall. Staff is very friendly. Will come back again.
  • Lea

    The kids play area is great!! They also have a magic show on Saturdays at 11:30 for free for kids!!
  • Joey Barbosa

    Nice! Great for all the Family!
  • Andrew Oakes

    This place sucks.
  • Cindy Marcus

    love this place
  • Melanie Gonzalez

    Good people (ice skater) watching while you sit and dine. Lookout for good sales and be careful of all the tasty snack booths. Nestles Cookies = Yum!
  • Wired Extreme

    Door to the left by Nordstrom entrance is not restrooms. Seems like a lot of people think so.
  • Jason Dodd

    Grand Lux portions are BIG. Ask them to split
  • Lily Smith

    If you're looking for a dress, go to Nordstrom & ask for Joanna. She's the best!

    "Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?" ~Martin Luther King, Jr. #Shopping
  • Cody S

    Bring lots of money! They have a lot of expensive stuff here that you don't really need but they look really nice!
  • Lindsay Blattel

    The nordstrom garage is the best!
  • Tasha Bell

    Go To Shasha,,&nd Request Brittney For Ur Associate
  • Tom Truong

    It's hard to find a restroom ! ugh
  • Chaka T

    Katie at Teavana is an awesome salesperson. She had such an awesome personality.
  • James Wright

    Great deals on cookies across from Abercrombie
  • Kristy K

    Spa Nordstrom and Teavana are the best. Relaxation and great tea! Could there be a better combination?
  • Matthew Taylor

    Park in the blue garage and go all the way to the top. Don't go to the roof tho if you pass that then come around it will put you right by the door and it's RARELY full.
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