NorthPark Center

Address: 8687 N. Central Expy.
Phone: (214) 363-7441
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  • Dallas Socials

    Best mall around
  • LogoTV

    When a regular pair of boots just wont do, order a pair of custom made boots and choose from more shirts and hats than you can shake a stick at. Cowboy up and hit the town. Heaven! Levi, The A-List:
  • LogoTV

    Best mall in Dallas because it has a Betsey Johnson store! Ashley, The A-List: Dallas
  • Betty Lovell

    Best shopping in Dallas - hands down!
  • Karega McCoy

    Best mall in Dallas.
  • Perry Ellis

    NorthPark Center offers visitors a mix of the finest in luxury retail, market exclusives, fine dining, and impressive landscaping.
  • Jennifer Spera

    a high end mall, one of the oldest in the country and my clear favorite...huge frank stella painting installation, warhol paintings, cool sculptures
  • Bing

    Everythings bigger in Texas, including its shopping centers. And Shopping Deals are bigger on Bing:
  • amy f5

    There's a center and a park and it's north. Ish. #truthinadvertising
  • Christopher Thomas

    This is not your normal mall. The place is packed with sculpture from Ray Nasher's private collection. Awesome!
  • Betty Lovell

    Dallas' best mall - hands down!
  • Candace Evans

    Best mall in the USA. Just be careful going to your car.
  • Seventeen

    There are always great finds on the clearance racks at the back of the dELiA*s store!
  • Gretchen Burnett

  • Garrett Lexell

    Square + Square = Square
  • Zachary Furr

    Buy something horribly overpriced and made in a sweat shop! :D
  • Nick Q

    Great place to people watch
  • Brittny

    Park in Macy's underground to beat the crowd!
  • Kyle Dugan

    I ate a lettuce here. I also stole a shoe.
  • John Keehler

    If you've ever wondered what the zombie apocalypse would be like, visit the Apple store on a Saturday
  • Kurt von Schleicher

    Largest mall in the South from coast to coast - serious as a migraine only pretty positive.
  • Jared Guynes

    Bring a lot of money...
  • Colin Burns

    OMG. Like totes.
  • Brian Dean

    Try la duni Latin cafe!
  • Seasons 52

    As the largest mall in the state of Texas, you can always find something here to suit your needs. Be sure to stop by the small park inside the mall and browse the artwork that's on display.
  • Nikki Woods

    Pack a lunch. :)
  • Anthony Edwards II

    Guaranteed to see somebody you know so don't come how you don't wanna be seen! Lol
  • Lovell Public Relations

    Hands down...this mall has all of our favorites under one big roof!
  • Clay Vesledahl

    Child predator playground ;)
  • Hala

    Reminds me of dubai mall ?.? the best mall in dallas
  • Thomas L

    People watching here instantly boosts my self esteem while simultaneously destroying my faith in humanity
  • Pablo Lopez gotta hit up Lacoste, O.P., Puma, and Banana Republic
  • Brittany Flocken, MJ

    Shopping at NorthPark is practically a family tradition. Best shopping in Texas! Nordstorm parking garage is the best.
  • Lonnie Hicks

    This place is packed
  • Armando Gonzalez

    NorthPark Center is the largest mall in North Texas, second largest in the state.
  • Pierce Asibelua

    Learn colour combinations
  • Matthew T Rader

    Take a photo of the big orange statue.
  • Kona Grill

    Join us after a great day of shopping! Happy hour specials, our lounge and patio make us the place to be in NorthPark! Thank you!
  • Marc Ramirez

    Good for people-watching
  • Jennifer Mitchell

    $7 valet parking at Dillard's is oh so worth it!
  • Jane Porter

    Fab mall in Dallas. If you need a caffeine hit check out at La Madeleine. Nordstrom has great sunglass selection. Best restrooms Neimans or Nordstrom!
  • Cameron Burks

    Definitively one of the BEST malls I've ever been to! Great shopping experience
  • Actifirm

    Best mall in Dallas.
  • Nivasha

    Don't leave without visiting the SPCA of Texas adoption pavilion!
  • Josh Wu

    The only mall you need in big D
  • mary catherine burford

    this place on a saturday or Sunday makes me want to tear my hair out. may resort to online shopping from here on out. awful.
  • Juan Espinoza

    Check out the new Nike store.
  • Rachel Raymond

    The food court has really good food. I love Snappy Salads. Healthy and environment friendly!
  • Gary E

    When u wanna take an out of town visitor to a Dallas classy place...
  • J S

    Worst valet and parking of any mall ever. Absolute worst. Avoid at all costs during November and December.
  • jinny hornsby

    I hate these place on the weekends. Parking is a nightmare!
  • Charles Boltas

    If you have a Windoes Phone, you can use it to browse the multi-floor mall directory. The iPhone doesn't do that!
  • Marshall Berman

    Always great Eye-candy around
  • Amber Robinson

    Come in the morning, that's when it's the emptiest
  • Jennifer Owens

    Great mall....Love it!!!!!
  • Social News Network

    The mall appeals to a lot of different people. It has a reputation for being high class- and with Versace and Tiffany's it is!- but it has stores with a variety of price ranges for all wallet sizes
  • Ana G. Jimenez

    Si quieres comer en el fastfood, lo mejor es famous famiglia, delicioso!
  • Danyel Buie

    Best mall ever!
  • Bob Baxley

    This has got to be the nicest mall in America. The white brick and phenomenal art collection are incredible.
  • Jack Daniels

    Very good and modern mall. Plenty of different stores, couple of food courts. Very enjoyable.
  • Josh van Hulst

    Some of the best looking woman in Texas shop here! I love this mall and the cleanliness of the place. Great stores and people out here
  • Brandy Mays

    Don't expect a warm and fuzzy welcome when you walk into their high end stores! Most that I visited just stared and that made me feel uncomfortable!
  • Krisleigh Hoermann

    Try the chai mix tea at Teavana while enjoying some shopping.
  • Carla Hughes

    One of the best malls I've ever been to!
  • Brad Adams

    This sure is a fancy mall.
  • Charles Boltas

    This is the mall that Dez Bryant spends his money to go into debt.
  • George Wester

    If you want boring come here
  • Matt Madderra

    Parking can be crazy on a surface lot. Head for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor of the Nordstom garage.
  • Lorena Perales

    Pumpkin Spice (;
  • Monte Krause

    NorthPark Mall. The best shopping in the USA
  • Robert Dwight Charter

    Neiman Marcus as well as a host of shops in the art filled mall offers the best escape for the day.
  • Chrystal J

    Best Mall in DFW! Not to mention H&M just opened on the 18th!
  • Valerie Jackson

    get a white chocolate raspberry smoothie from thirsty's!
  • Kat Shaul

    RedMango for froyo!
  • Molly Dickson

    If it's secured to a table, we can't afford it. Walk away walk away...
  • Gje Greene

    Shops don't open until noon on Sundays.
  • Steven Payne

    My favorite mall!
  • Justin Powell

    This place has a crew cuts.
  • Waleed Alyahya

    ????? ???? ????
  • Natasha Geddie

    When you dine at PF Chang, they validate your valet parking.
  • J S

    Get here early... Parking is a disaster!
  • Nicolas Perrier

    Wonderful luxury Mall! Love it!
  • Andy Anders

    Bring your ATM CARD you gonna need it here
  • Josh van Hulst

    The best place to be in Dallas
  • Jocaribou

    You can eat outside in the food court :)
  • Jennifer Trimper

    Remember where you parked.
  • Perseus CEO

    Gucci - Nike - Yurman - Armani - Niemens - Nordstrom #NotInThatOrder but you get my drift///
  • Whittaker Odom

    By far my favorite mall in Dallas! Make sure to visit during Christmas time to see all the decorations and the baby ducks they place in the ponds.
  • Rosalind L Bryant

    The best mall for EVERYTHING!
  • Gustavo Castillo

    Nice old fashioned mall!
  • Dee Kamp

    One of the oldest and nicest malls in Big D!!!!
  • Gopala Reddivari

    Best mall for luxurious stuff.
  • Jelena Boldt

    One of the best detail / car wash I've had, in Nordstrom's parking garage by the Call Billy (214) 486-0547
  • Margo Pitts

    i've been going to this mall since my parents took me as a little girl whenever we visit dallas. it's still my favorite and neiman's is a must stop.
  • Ximena Baker

    Stick around for the lovely piano concertos
  • Dennis Kaye

    Make sure to visit the Nike store. Oh and don't chase the ducks, the mall frowns upon doing so :)
  • Cynthia Carrera

    Pay attention to where you parked your car.
  • Bryce Hendricks

    Shop until you drop!!!!
  • @CedarHillMom

    Valet is available.
  • Asma

    one of the best malls in town.
  • Jeanann Grubbs

    Add to cart. All of it.
  • Nate Daniel

    A great mall to visit!
  • Sam Fitz-Simons

    Shop the Montblanc boutique! Fantastic selection of watches and writing instruments!
  • Valyrie Kulp

    Don't worry about fighting for parking. Just valet at one of the restaurants and if you eat/drink there they will validate your valet so it's free! Especially beneficial during the holidays.
  • Trischia K

    Nice environment and great art !
  • Prithvi

    This Place is H.U.G.E!
  • Michael Torres

    Park up a level by Dillards. Best spot to enter, especially with a stroller.
  • Social News Network

    This mall is a must visit! Best shopping center in Dallas. Great line of stores from Gucci to Nordstrom! If you want to catch a movie or dinner check out north park theatre or Kona Grill,great places!
  • Elizabeth G

    Avoid going on the weekends when the parking lots get full by noon!
  • Andrea Pallares

    Great place for shopping!!! Yeah!!!
  • Donna Rogers Skowronski

    Great stores.
  • Stacy

    Best mall in all of DFW
  • Mamaita Couture

    Love this mall I can find anything and everything I'm looking for!!
  • Susan Heaton

    Been going there since I was a child. love love love this mall !!!!
  • Jacob Groves

    I rarely leave this place mty handed
  • Tandi Hunter

    honestly, coming to the malls on the weekdays are way better.
  • Paul Snitker

    Good luck parking on a weekend.
  • C

    DON'T come here on the Saturday of the Texas/OU game! (Unless u enjoy shopping when it's as busy as Black Friday!) Ugh!
  • Jay Cooper

    Love the interiorscapes!
  • Megan Marutzky

    Best shopping for upscale fashion in Dallas>hands down!
  • Julie Tabor

    Best shopping in Dallas!!
  • Lily S.

  • Asia pearl

    It's the best mall, and too close to my apt. I love it.
  • Michael Greene

    Great shopping!
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